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Just wanted to say I really had a great time last week at MWLUG.

I am not sure who all was involved in getting the entire thing all set up but I am sure it was many people and I am sure it took quite a bit of time and effort so…THANK YOU!

Richard Moy was front and center so he obviously had a big hand in everything.  Jeff Tujetsch from Sherpa Software did a great job pitching Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh…yeah, you should go sometime.  I had not been there in at least 25 years and that city is beautiful and very approachable.  The conference hotel was awesome and downtown seemed pretty fun.

A big thanks to all of the MWLUG sponsors.  Buy things from them if you can and need what they do.  These sponsors at LUGs have become our community’s lifeblood when it comes to making sure these events happen.

I had the pleasure of having lunch Friday with Jeremy Hodge, Brian Moore, Paul Calhoun, Roy Rumaner, Declan Lynch, David Leedy, Devin Olson, Mike McGarel…seems like I am missing someone…

What a great bunch of people to chat about XPages!  Wow!

I missed Julian Robichaux’s OAuth presentation though because I had to leave early and I didn’t get to see Kim Greene or Amy Hoerle speak either because I was in Dev sessions all the time (they are Admin-folk after all you know!)  Bummer.  Too much good stuff and too little time.

Next year MWLUG is in Indianapolis and apparently, Sam Bridegroom, (sarcastic movie quote alert) “personal friend of mine,” apparently has taken on the task of putting together next year’s event DATES TBD.  Mark your calendars now!

Pretty much I am in awe of everyone I meet at these conferences but I think I am getting the hang of this whole social thing.  Not social business…just being social.  Well, trying to anyway.  It’s fun!