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David Leedy posted today that has now been running for four years.

In four years has racked up some very impressive usage stats.  In addition to being the premier source for XPages learning, David has also managed to create several truly excellent XPage cheatsheets at

I have contributed videos to NotesIn9 and I can tell you that making a single video requires a significant time commitment.  Once you’re done with the video though, you give it to David who then reviews it himself, adds his introductions then posts the video with a nice description and finally promotes the new video.  The fact that he has done this for four years and now has 35 hours of videos, 31 contributors, 200,000+ viewings/downloads is nothing short of a resounding, remarkably rousing success!

David also bears some direct responsibility for a very positive change in the Lotus community.  Four years ago we had a lot more, shall we say, peacocks and the focus seemed to be on a few folks.  These days the people who are revered, respected, praised, recognized, whatever you want to call it are the people who promote community.  Through NotesIn9 Dave has made an expanded channel available to many more people both as content creators and content consumers.  I am one of those people and I really appreciate his efforts and his support.

So Dave…Four years of NotesIn9!  Thank you and congratulations!  Notesin9 is truly an accomplishment.