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Yesterday I am putting the finishing touches to the previous finishing touches to the original set of finishing touches to the updated site and I realize I need a little pizzaz and a little bit of functionality.

I’m a jQuery kind of guy so I head over to where my friend Marky Roden espouses All Thinge jQuery with an XPages twist.  Good man that Marky!

I was hoping to use jQuery plugins to add the functionality I wanted but in the end I didn’t use any plugins at all and only used a little bit of CSS and simple jQuery.

Task #1:  Add some lifted corners three divs on the home page.

I go here on where Marky has a link to Nicholas Gallagher’s drop-shadows without images demo page.  Bingo! Click the link at the top of the page to get the drop shadow CSS I need right here.

Task #1 completed.  No jQuery or even JavaScript needed.

Task #2: Create clickable squares to show more details about our security.

“How hard can this be?  Certainly Marky has a link that will whisk me to a jQuery plugin that not only makes the clickable squares I desire but will also allow me to do this in under five minutes!”

Well I couldn’t find what I needed exactly so <gasp!> I wrote some of my own JavaScript!

Here is what I needed…

Now, there may be some sort of super slick function out there that would have done what I needed but, alas, if there is I didn’t find it.
So I wrote this simple bit of jQuery (which I freely admit could be tightened quite a bit) to do what I needed.

So there you go.  Two quick “bits of solution” coupled with the sage advice that “Sometimes it is faster to just write it yourself.”