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Well, I did not think I could come to Orlando this year but several things aligned over the last eight weeks and so I am here!

Last year at Connect 2013 I spent a significant amount of time in the hotel room working and that was a bit of a bummer.
One reason I was considering not coming this year was, again, just due to workload.  This is the busy time of year for our customers.  I will most likely still be working while I am here but right now things appear to be a little more in hand thanks to our good fortune, our hard work and the good additional people we have brought on board who can mind the shop while Paul and I both are here.
So!  One BIG reason I came was to see people so please, if you see me somewhere sort of lost in thought being all anti-social-like, say “Hello”.  You’ll be doing me a favor (which is hwy you came to Connect I’m totally sure! ha ha ha).
I hope everyone has a great Connect 2014!