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On July 2, I posted Please Read: One week from strep throat to amputation and possible death.

If you don’t already know about Sepsis, please educate yourself.
Cathy has survived the amputations (her last surgery related to those was yesterday), got off the ventilator on July 6, left Intensive Care on 7/8, was removed from the feeding tube on 7/13 and I think will be heading to inpatient rehab this week which essentially means 3-6 months in a rehab hospital.
Despite all that has happened to her, when she was able to, Cathy actually said she was “glad to be alive.”   I’ll be honest: She’s a Bigger Person than I would be and it really shows what a fighter she is.
Cathy needs some financial help as she continues to work her way towards returning home and rebuilding her life.  I am asking people to please contribute to Cathy’s GoFundMe campaign: Click Here to Donate
There are so many big, big problems in the world today that deserve people’s support but if you’re looking for a way to really make a difference in someone’s life, I can assure you that any support you can provide will truly be a blessing not only to Cathy but also to her family.
Thank you.