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Learned a valuable lesson last week which can essentially be summed up as “Don’t use this setting.”

The purpose of this setting is ostensibly to introspect the current user’s time zone via their web browser and it does so by adding a small Javascript that connects to the server and then the server sends something back.  Round Trip. Get it? Go there, come back, go there…never mind.

Besides the fact that I was unable to actually see any difference in our UI based on changing this setting (which I am totally willing to admit that I may just not have used it correctly), the real problem is that if you’re connecting to your site programmatically via the Apache HTTP Client or other similar clients, then that “web client” will enjoy the thrill and non-functionality of simply getting a page that constantly reloads itself but does not actually contain any of the content it was supposed to contain.

It gets that nifty little Round Trip Javascript function for sure.  ONLY that nifty little Round Trip Javascript function.

So, yeah, don’t use this switch. Ever.