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For me there was never any other choice.  I was going to and did vote for Trump simply and only because he is Not Hillary.

I’m not wasting my time, or yours, laying out the long history of Clinton, uh, issues.  It is plain to see if you’re willing to look at it objectively.  This is not a “…where there’s smoke there’s fire…” situation.  This is a “…volcanic cloud of ash proof that magma is flowing towards your house…” situation.  The things the Clintons are generally accused of? They did them.  Plain and simple.  If you’re unwilling to acknowledge that simple fact, then stop reading now and go be the Sheeple you want to be.  Godspeed.

However if you’re truly still on the fence in this rather agonizing decision on whether to vote for Trump or Clinton consider this:

Both of these candidates have shown themselves to be equally very Bad People but…only Clinton has done her Bad Things while she was supposedly serving our country and in several cases after taking oaths to serve our country.

We don’t know if Trump would break his public oaths. We do know Hillary already has.

Vote for Trump.