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2016 over in about 11 hours for me so I took a look at the calendar for this year to see what happened.


Daughter #1 turned 27.


Grandmother turned 100.  Big Party in Oklahoma City.  Very cool.

Two weeks for the Mrs. and me on Big Island, Hawaii.  Loved it.


Turned 53.  Wife took me to see Brad Paisley play in down state Illinois.


Spent week before Memorial Day in Orlando/Disney World.  Nice time with the Mrs.


QDiligence exhibited at national conference for Corporate Secretaries (the ones for The Boards, not the other ones) in Colorado Springs and stayed at The Broadmoor.  No idea how I’d never heard of that place before but it is A Special Place.


10th Wedding Anniversary!  Had dinner at Alinea (finally) to celebrate.


Labor Day weekend in southern Ohio in a cabin with The Kids.  Very fun.


Cubs won World Series.  Hillary Clinton lost the election.  Both good.

Grandmother diagnosed with cancer.

Cousin’s husband diagnosed with cancer after they punctured his colon, twice, during a routine colonoscopy.


Daughter #2 turned 26.

Mother-in-law fell and cracked her skull a week before Christmas and is living on to tell the tale.

Grandmother still hanging in there.  Likely to see 101.

Cousin’s husband making his way through chemo.  Likely to see 51.

Kids did Christmas for us here in Chicago.

Business continues to be very good.  Our impact on the industry has never been more evident.

We’re gonna’ give 2016 a Rating of…Mixed.