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Um yeah this…

Here is the press release/announcement that Oscar Munoz, CEO of United Airlines, should make immediately:

Response to United Express Flight 3411

April 10, 2017

“This is an upsetting event for all of our United customers.  I apologize for this incident.

We, all of us at United, were wrong in this situation.  We will be taking the following positive steps in order to win back the trust of our customers.

First, we will work with the appropriate authorities to ensure that no criminal or civil charges are brought against any passenger involved with this situation for any reason.
Second, we will work with the passenger who was forcibly removed when required to give up his seat to a United employee to ensure that he receives significant and just financial compensation for our wrongdoing.

Third, effective immediately, all United staff involved with this situation are being reassigned to new duties elsewhere in the company that does not involve interacting with customers.

Finally, effective immediately United will never again require any customer to give up their seat on any of our flights to a United employee or any other airlines’ employees for any reason.

– Oscar Munoz, CEO, United Airlines