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We’ve been running on XPages since 2010 and every year we consider switching development platforms and last Friday our decision conversation went something like this…

Russ: IBM Domino future is still very murky, is it time to think about using something else?

Paul: FP 10 is about to drop.  Every day as I support customers I think about switching to another platform but I can’t think of any other platform or architecture that would allow us to do the kinds of things we have to do that Domino lets us do.

Russ: Right.  I think the same thing every day.  It takes a fair amount of upkeep and gymnastics to keep everything going but my sense tells me that any other platform would require the same effort.

Paul: Yup.  Warts and all it seems like Domino is still the best thing out there for us.

Russ: Yup.  There it is.  Executive Decision.  Stay on Domino for now.