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Welp…moved off of Blogger and onto WordPress.  I’ve been doing a lot of WordPress stuff at work and it was pretty easy to export everything out of Blogger and to import all the posts into a WordPress site I just up and did it this morning.

I’ve never been that enthralled with the general theoretical view of coding. What code can do underneath the covers holds little interest for me. I’m clever enough to figure out how to make code do what I want so as far as I’m concerned that mystery is solved for me.

Solutions interest me. I see complex, time-consuming business processes or tasks and I instantly wonder how that process could be improved, if at all, by applying appropriate tech.  I’ve always only been motivated by what code could do for people to make them more productive or a process faster or more profitable.

Because I value solutions vs. low level technology, I find this whole CMS thing to be pretty cool, enticing, and distracting all at once. Purpose-built technology that can be used to solve a lot of problems. Sounds like some other software I really dig!