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I’ve bought a lot of Moleskine special edition notebooks over the years. I am not a writer, but I guess the idea of inking one’s thoughts in bound journals simply romances me. So I buy them. Typically multiple times a year. By now I’d guess I have 30 of them squirreled about and I usually choose one every year to be my sales journal but the rest I just keep. You know…”for later.”

But yesterday I received these Lord of the Rings Special Editions and I literally cannot remember any purchase that has made me smile more. These books are so wonderful and immediately took me back to high school when my English-major mother finally found that book about Hobbits she’d told me she had.

I’ve never seen any Moleskine edition like these. The covers are all versions of Tolkien’s drawings and each cover except the limited edition has a Shire Dated reference to the story. The inside covers are all decorated with additional Tolkien drawings and, of course, each book is different.

Moleskine always gets clever with their packaging bands but these actually have the milestone timelines of Frodo and Sam’s journey and ticked into the back cover pocket all Moleskine notebooks have is a primer on the Cirith alphabet Tolkien created for Middle Earth.

These things are REALLY awesome and if you like Lord of the Rings and notebooks, you have got to head to and order yours!

Fly! You fools!